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Writing from Silence, presented for the RCA @ Home Program’s Art Talk. 2020.

One of the ways in which power maintains itself is through silencing, whether that be notions of what one can or cannot say in polite company, who has the power or place to speak, or perhaps who is given a platform but under a shared, unspoken set of restrictions. In this talk, UBCO creative writing professor Michael V. Smith examines taboo, stereotypes, family histories, and cultural silences to reveal how writing can function as a means of speaking truth to power.

Danny Ramadan’s “Hey, I have been wondering” with guest Michael V. Smith








Vancouver Presents interview with Kim Kinakin and MVS, re: Punk as Flick queer retrospective film screening. 2020.

Entrevue en français avec Marie Villeneuve à Phare Ouest. 2019

Can’t Lit podcast interview, with hosts Jen Sookfong Lee and Dina Del Bucchia. 2018

The Chat, with Trevor Corkum. 2017

Verbicide interview, with Nathaniel G. Moore. 2017

Prism International interview, with Matthew Walsh. 2017

Quill & Quire interview, memoir, with Tara-Michele Ziniuk. 2015

By the folks at The Rusty Toque, memoir. 2011

Creative Nonfiction Collective Society interview: memoir. 2017

Persistence anthology interview.

Canadian Fiction podcast.

IKBLC Robson Reading Series video. 2011.

At Zeke’s Gallery in Montreal, on the 5pt Tour with his poetry collection, What You Can’t Have. 2006



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